Deep Body Relaxation

35 mins

Connect with your body again and become so deeply relaxed. So deeply relaxed. This hypnosis takes you through a deep body relaxation.

This session has a wake up ending.

Inner Peace

22 mins

Let me walk you down to that place of inner peace inside of you. Full of stillness, love, compassion and safety. Let it flow through your body.

This recording has a sleeping ending. 

Slowing Down

23 mins

Slow down for a moment and arrive in the present moment. Let yourself become so deeply relaxed and let go of all stress and worries.

This session has a sleeping ending.

Fall Asleep Easily

15 mins

Listen to this recording to help you to fall asleep easily. Relaxing the mind and the body, and releasing worries and thoughts, so you can sleep.

This session has a sleeping ending.

Clear Your Mind

16 mins

Clear your mind with this recording to ensure a good and deep sleep. Let go of all thoughts, calm down the mind and relax so deeply.

Deep Sleep

26 mins

Let me guide you into a deep and relaxing sleep. It’s so important to let go, to relax and to give your body time to recover.

This session has a sleeping ending.


Sports Performance

19 mins

You can achieve anything you want. You just gotta believe. Improve your performance in sports with this hypnosis recording.

This session has a sleep ending.

Become Motivated

16 mins

Feel that motivation inside of you again. Let us bring that energy back. Manifest it in your body. Let it excite you, let it move you.

This session has a wake up ending.

Increase Concentration

17 mins

In this world with so many distractions we sometimes lose ourselves. Lost in distractions. We will increase your concentration, so you get things done.

This session has a wake up ending.


Letting Go

24 mins

Learn to let go of the things that are no longer serving you and notice all the opportunities you have to live your life, to do the things you enjoy. 

This session has a wake up ending.


I Accept Myself

20 mins

Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. You have all within. You are enough. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You can achieve anything.

I Believe In Myself

22 mins

A deep transformation to your inner self. All we need is to believe again. If you believe you can achieve anything. Learn to believe in yourself.

This session has a sleeping ending.

Stress & Anxiety

Releasing Stress

26 mins

All we need is to be more calm, more relaxed. Release stress with this recording so you have more energy, more time, more fun.

This session has a sleeping ending.

Becoming Still

12 mins

Let go and dive into deep stillness, where all those wonderful transformations can take place. Where you learn to listen again.

This session has a wake up ending.

Trusting in Life

25 mins

So much fear, so much worrying, find that trust inside of you again. Trust in yourself, trust in life. Come back into the present moment.

This session has a wake up ending.