Deep Body Relaxation

35 mins

Connect with your body again and become so deeply relaxed. So deeply relaxed. This hypnosis takes you through a deep body relaxation.

This recording has a wake up ending.

Inner Peace

20 mins

Let me walk you down to that place of inner peace inside of you. Full of stillness, love, compassion and safety. Let it flow through your body.

This recording has a sleeping ending. 

Slowing Down

23 mins

Slow down for a moment and arrive in the present moment. Let yourself become so deeply relaxed and let go of all stress and worries.

This session has a sleeping ending.


30 mins

This hypnosis recording is guiding you through a cleansing and healing process. Helping you to remove toxins, and old stuff that is no longer serving you. 

This recording has a wake up ending.

I allow myself to relax. be here. be at peace.