The Power of Getting Clarity

A feeling of being stuck and frustrated- not knowing what we really need in this moment or what we want. Have you ever felt that?

I went through that process a lot. I wanted to change things — my work, health, relationships, finances, the way that I was approaching life. But I didn’t really know what I wanted, nor did I know what I really needed. And how can you make choices that are good for you if you don’t even know what that is? So most of the time I kept ignoring it.

But this uncertainty becomes part of us. Our choices reflect this uncertainty- not knowing what we really need. You just keep making choices that are not for you and these choices will affect our future.

At some point I just started. I tried things out. I focused on my diet, I started working out more, I went running, I started to question things. But still trying to find the answers. I jumped from one extreme to the next. Trying to find my clarity.

And all this has been part of my journey, which I am super grateful for. Even though I sometimes wish I had the tools that I have now.

Because this lack of clarity can cause so many things:

And so on. Knowing what you need, what you want, what’s good for you leads to better choices which makes you healthier and more fulfilled. It’s not about being perfect or having clarity on everything all the time. It’s about becoming aware of yourself and knowing how to gain that clarity. So that you can make better choices for yourself.

But how do we get that clarity?

We are so busy all the time. We are thinking and analysing a lot, worrying about stuff and trying to control everything. It’s not a great state to find clarity.

To find clarity we need to start relax ourselves. We need to enter a state where we are fully present and where we can let go of everything around us for a moment.
That’s where we connect with ourselves again and then it becomes easier to find the answers, to find what we want or need.

That’s why I created a recording for finding clarity. This recording will take you into a deep state of relaxing where you can start to get clarity again.

Where do you need clarity? How is the lack of clarity affecting your choices, and your life?

Are you ready to get clarity?


This is a place for you to relax, breathe and take a break. A wonderful experience where you can learn more about yourself, and about what you need to be healthy and be fulfilled. 

Featuring topics like:



Learn to apply hypnosis to yourself. With downloadable instructions. We all can learn Self-Hypnosis and make better choices.



Let me help you to sleep better and deeper, and to give your body the rest it needs. With the right tools you'll be having the best sleep in a long time.



Set your mindset around exercising, become more motivated by finding what excites you and improve your concentration.



Relaxation is the key to life, to make better choices and to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Let me take you on a journey into deep relaxation.


Chakra Healing

(coming soon)

Find and clear your blocked chakras and release tensions in the body. So that the energy can flow again and you feel better emotionally and physically.


Emotional Release

(coming soon)

Identify your emotions, release them from the body and learn to work with them. So they make your life meaningful instead of painful.



By getting to know yourself you will be able to not just transform yourself but also your relationships to friends, lovers and family.



(coming soon)

Find out what your body needs and learn to make choices that support your body in a healthy way. So you can feel and live better.


Anxiety Relief

Let go of stress, worries & fears. Find trust again- in life & in yourself. By discovering the root cause of your problem you can transform your life.

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Fall deeply in love with life and yourself and create the life you want and enter a flow of abundance by releasing limiting beliefs and habits.



Learn to believe in yourself again, to accept yourself and to find your intuition again. It's all within. Let me take you through deep journey.



The mastery of life is forgiveness and letting go. Learn to accept the things you can control and let go of what you can't control. A journey within.



Letting Go

I'll guide you through a 21 day journey of releasing, letting go and making room for all the new. All that you have always dreamed of.


Quit Sugar

(coming soon)

6 weeks to quit sugar, to feel better and healthier. You'll gain more energy and you will make better choices in the future for yourself.


Sleeping Better

(coming soon)

Learn to sleep better and deeper in 8 weeks with 8 Steps to a more relaxed and more energised you by creating a healing sleep.


Stop Smoking

(coming soon)

Become a non-smoker in 4 weeks. Find the root cause of your smoking, release it and let go of the need to smoke for a healthy You.


Stress Reduction

(coming soon)

Find all the stress factors in your life. Learn to release them and most of all learn to relax yourself. So stress is the past for you.


I use hypnosis as a tool to help you release old emotions, traumas, beliefs and fears, and to create new ones that support your life. With the help of my hypnosis techniques you will be able to get to the root cause to the problem and to sustainable let it go. Then only by going to the root cause we can change and transform our life forever.

In my hypnosis recordings I guide you into a deep relaxing state, where your subconscious mind opens up. So you can make better choices for yourself. All you need to do is find a comfortable place, put your headphones on and let me take you on a wonderful journey to get to know your self better. You just need to listen and be open.

Alongside that you will receive affirmations, journals, health tips and other tools that will guide you through this journey. 

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