Your Journey Begins Here

Awaken the joy in you, let go of pain and suffering, build healthy relationships, reprogram your brain and watch your life become the life you have always dreamed of.

With the mindbreak method you find a holistic program that will help you to make better choices for yourself. You will get the right tools to improve your life, reach your goals and feel healthier. Get access to my hypnosis recordings, meditations, programs, affirmations, journals, health tips and much more. Life is not waiting for you. Take responsibility!

It all starts with the first step. 


Life is a reflection of what is going on inside your head.

You can’t control life but you can control what’s going on inside your head.


This is a place for you to relax, breathe and take a break. A wonderful experience where you can learn more about yourself, and about what you need to be healthy and fulfilled using tools like Hypnosis, Brainworking Recursive Therapy, Breathing Exercises, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Neuroscience, Functional Medicine and much more.

Featuring topics like:



Let me help you to sleep better and deeper, and to give your body the rest it needs. With the right tools you'll be having the best sleep in a long time.



Set your mindset around exercising, become more motivated by finding what excites you and improve your concentration.



Learn to apply hypnosis to yourself. With downloadable instructions. We all can learn Self-Hypnosis and make better choices.



Relaxation is the key to life, to make better choices and to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Let me take you on a journey into deep relaxation.


Anxiety Relief

Let go of stress, worries & fears. Find trust again- in life & in yourself. By discovering the root cause of your problem you can transform your life.



Fall deeply in love with life and yourself and create the life you want and enter a flow of abundance by releasing limiting beliefs and habits.



Learn to believe in yourself again, to accept yourself and to find your intuition again. It's all within. Let me take you through this deep journey.



The mastery of life is forgiveness and letting go. Learn to accept the things you can control and let go of what you can't control. A journey within.



By getting to know yourself you will be able to not just transform yourself but also your relationships to friends, lovers and family.


Chakra Healing

(coming soon)

Find and clear your blocked chakras and release tensions in the body. So that the energy can flow again and you feel better emotionally and physically.


Emotional Release

(coming soon)

Identify your emotions, release them from the body and learn to work with them. So they make your life meaningful instead of painful.



(coming soon)

Find out what your body needs and learn to make choices that support your body in a healthy way. So you can feel and live better.



Letting Go

I'll guide you through a 21 day journey of releasing, letting go and making room for all the new. All that you have always dreamed of.


Sleeping Better

Learn to sleep better and deeper in 8 weeks with 8 steps to a more relaxed and more energised you by creating a healing sleep.


Quit Sugar

(coming soon)

6 weeks to quit sugar, to feel better and healthier. You'll gain more energy and you will make better choices in the future for yourself.


Stop Smoking

(coming soon)

Become a non-smoker in 4 weeks. Find the root cause of your smoking, release it and let go of the need to smoke for a healthy You.


Stress Reduction

(coming soon)

Find all the stress factors in your life. Learn to release them and most of all learn to relax yourself. So stress is in the past for you.


I use a lot of powerful tools to help you release old emotions, traumas, beliefs and fears, and to create new ones that support your life. With the help of my mindbreak technique you will be able to get to the root cause to the problem and to sustainable let it go. Then only by going to the root cause we can change and transform our life forever. Our brain is a powerful place. And even though we think we are in control, some things are just out of reach for us. Our brain processes information so quickly and saves patterns to work as efficient as possible. Our brain constantly learns. Especially until the age of 7. It’s like when something happens a button gets pressed in our brain and it triggers a certain response. The key for letting those things go, is to heal that part, and then reprogram that trigger.

In my recordings I guide you into a deep relaxing state, where your subconscious mind opens up and we can resolve a lot of unwanted patterns, beliefs and fears. So you can make better choices for yourself. All you need to do is find a comfortable place, put your headphones on and let me take you on a wonderful journey to get to know yourself better. You just need to listen and be open.

Alongside that you will receive affirmations, journals, health tips and other tools that will guide you through this journey. 

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Audio Recordings between 10 to 40 mins

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Guided Programs

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Health Tips

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Monthly Inspiration & Guidance

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Anytime. Anywhere. Whenever you need them.

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Beginner Audios

All you need is inside. Choose your plan:

Every plan comes with a 7-day free trial. You can cancel anytime.


99 Per Month
  • Audios
  • Guided Programs
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Monthly Inspiration & Guidance
  • New Recordings Every Month
  • New Programs Every Year
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Anytime


99 Per Year
  • Save 25%
  • Audios
  • Guided Programs
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Monthly Inspiration & Guidance
  • New Recordings Every Month
  • New Programs Every Year
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Anytime

How other people feel

“I‘d like to thank Lea very deeply for that beautiful and very professional masterpiece of a customised hypnosis recording I recieved from her. She fully responded to my needs so I was able to regain my quality of life. To be honest I was skeptical about Hypnotherapy at first but when I saw that it really works for me, I don’t want to miss it anymore.”


“Lea is an intuitive healer, who was able to guide me through the unexpected in the session. She exudes a sense of assurance and makes you feel that she can be trusted to handle whatever emerges with sensitivity and confidence.”


“The day before the session I was very stressed and tense. I couldn’t find rest. Had mild migraine symptoms. Felt overworked. Already during the session I found my center again. I felt the balance that I had long lost in everyday life. I am therefor happy to recommend this journey into the self.”


“I highly recommend anyone interested in hypnosis to work with Lea. She is extremely empathetic and takes the time that is required. I immediately came to trust her. She manages to put me in a deep state of relaxation and corrects those negative beliefs that cost energy and strength. After the recording I sleep for a while and wake up with new energy and feel lighter. It is an excellent guide to get out of anxiety, depression and other downward spirals. The collaboration will continue. Thank you Lea and lots of love for you.”


“My experience with Lea, was one with a very empathic and professional person. She quickly made me feel safe and with her sensitive way it was easy for me to relax. Hypnotherapy was a new experience for me but I can highly recommend Lea if you looking for a hypnotherapist and want to give it a try.”


“An excellent and new experience, a nice way to refresh and release your mind.”


“It was my fist time and it was interesting and had a deep impact. I am curious how it goes when doing the self-hypnosis the next days.”


“Surprisingly intense and deep. With an open mind and willingness to look and listen within, it can be an intense experience with deep insights.”


“Lea has a calm and soothing voice. She makes you feel relaxed and at ease quickly. I felt safe with Lea. Very patient, caring and understanding thank you so much! “


“During Lea’s hypnosis sessions I feel very comfortable and safe. Her calm voice has already got a lot out of me that I didn’t know about myself before. Hypnosis is such an enriching experience for me and I always enjoy doing it with her.”



Do hypnosis recordings work?

Yes. The more often we listen to something, the better it gets integrated in our subconscious mind and the deeper we will go. A private session is still more powerful, because it’s customised for you. But listening to the recordings everyday is a powerful way for lasting change and even a great way for in between sessions. I’ve seen fantastic results in myself and my clients that have been using the recordings on an on-going basis. 

Where do I start?

I have a welcoming section where you can start with some easy recordings, that help you relax. And then you can choose from different categories. I also have different lengths and different endings. So you can listen to them during the day or when you go to bed. If you still not sure what you need send me a message and I’ll direct you to the right place.

How can I cancel?

You can easily cancel your subscription in your account settings. You can cancel anytime during your free trial and after the trial to the end of the month or if you are on a yearly subscription to the end of the 12 months.

Should I listen to different recordings or stick with just one?

I would recommend focusing on one recording at a time. But if you also listen to sleep hypnosis, for example, that’s fine. But the more often we listen to something, the better it can be integrated. As with anything in life, it’s always good to focus on one thing at a time.

Can I put the recordings on my phone, tablet, iPod, etc?

You can access the website via your phone or you can download the kajabi app and access the content via that app. I am also working on getting my own app. So you can easily listen to the recordings and access your content.

Are these recordings suitable for falling asleep to?

All sessions are really relaxing and can also be listened to for falling asleep. I also have a category for sleep hypnosis if you have trouble sleeping.

Will I still benefit if I fall asleep while listening?

Yes! Your subconscious mind is always listening even if you are asleep. So you will definitely benefit from it as well. The only thing is that you might not fully remember what have been said.

I find it hard to relax, what should I do?

That’s why you are here. Hypnosis helps you to drop into your body again and and helps you to learn to relax again. Give it time. Trust the process and let go. You will be relaxed very soon.