Listen to my hypnosis recordings from anywhere. Our subconscious mind is a powerful place. It holds our experiences, memories, habits, and beliefs, we hold on to…often we are not even aware of them. Hypnosis lets us access this powerful place, where we can change, transform and replace them.


This is a place for you to relax, breathe and take a break. Hypnosis is powerful tool to relax and become more aware of ourselves and our habits, beliefs, and emotions.


Learn to apply hypnosis to yourself. With downloadable instructions.


Let me help you to sleep better and deeper, and to give your body the rest it needs. So you can wake up refreshed the next day.


Set your mindset around exercising, become more motivated by finding what excites you and improve your concentration.


Let me relax you so deeply. So you have more energy for all the things you like to do and to give your body time to recover.

Anxiety Relief

Let go of stress, worries and fears. Find your trust again- in life and in yourself.


Fall deeply in love with life and yourself and create the live you want.


Learn to believe in yourself again, to accept yourself and to find your intuition again. It's all within.


The mastery of life is forgiveness and letting go. Learn to accept the things you can control and let go of what you can't control.


In my hypnosis recordings I guide you into a deep relaxing state, where your subconscious mind opens up and we can discover old beliefs, habits and emotions and replace them with new ones that support your life. So you can make better choices for yourself.

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Yearly Subscription

72.99 a year
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Do hypnosis recordings work?

Yes. The more often we listen to something, the better it gets integrated in our subconscious mind and the deeper we will go. A private session is still more powerful, because it’s customised for you. But listening to the recordings everyday is a powerful way for lasting change and even a great way for in between sessions.

Should I listen to different recordings or stick with a single one?

I would recommend focusing on a single recording at a time. But if you for example listen to sleeping hypnosis as well that totally works. But the more often we listen to something the better it can get integrated. Like with everything in life it’s always good to focus on one thing at a time.

Can I put the recordings on my phone, tablet, iPod, etc?

You can access the website via your phone and also listen to the recordings via Soundcloud.

Are these recordings suitable for falling asleep to?

All sessions are really relaxing and can also be listened to for falling asleep. I also have a category for sleep hypnosis if you have trouble sleeping.

Will I still benefit if I fall asleep while listening?

Yes! Your subconscious mind is always listening even if you are asleep. So you will definitely benefit from it as well. The only thing is that you don’t remember what have been said.

I find it hard to relax, what should I do?

That’s why you are here. Hypnosis helps you to drop into your body again and and helps you to learn to relax again. Give it time. Trust the process and let go. You will be relaxed very soon.