Hypnosis – Help against fear and pain


LISTEN TO THE GERMAN INTERVIEW Hypnosis can be helpful in relation to pain, psychological distress and healing during and after surgical procedures, but it can also be used as a means of relaxation. Hypnosis is an ancient healing method. Today, it is a recognized treatment method for certain diseases and can even sometimes be used […]

How to let go of expectations


Our mind is a fascinating place. We all have expectations. There is no way around it. All my life I had expectations that kept me from living a life that I wanted. I expected a certain outcome. I expected people to behave a certain way.  We have our own values, ways of doing things, experiences […]

Hypnosis, is it all esoteric or what?


What if I tell you that you are in a state of hypnosis every day? And that you were completely in hypnosis until about 7 years old? Isn’t it very interesting how we let a word and a perception of that word keep us from trying something new. Something that might really be powerful and […]

The Power of Getting Clarity


A feeling of being stuck and frustrated- not knowing what we really need in this moment or what we want. Have you ever felt that? I went through that process a lot. I wanted to change things — my work, health, relationships, finances, the way that I was approaching life. But I didn’t really know […]