Hypnosis, is it all esoteric or what?

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What if I tell you that you are in a state of hypnosis every day?

And that you were completely in hypnosis until about 7 years old? Isn’t it very interesting how we let a word and a perception of that word keep us from trying something new. Something that might really be powerful and help us to live a better life.

Hypnotic comes from the French word hypnotique, and the Latin word hypnoticus, which means inclined to sleep, putting to sleep. When ‘hypnosis’ got discovered it was thought that it is a form of sleep. But only until later it was discovered that people are not really asleep during ‘hypnosis’. But the word has already been used to explain it. That’s how hypnosis was created and still until today people think it’s a kind of mind control. But it’s just a word that got misused. So what is hypnosis really?

Hypnosis is a super natural state, that we all have experienced to a more or lesser degree, depending on how much we are aware of it. Hypnosis uses different brainwaves to reach a state of total relaxation. And that’s what hypnosis is for me first of all: DEEP RELAXATION

And it’s something we all need. When we look around in the world we are all so stressed and we are making choices that are not good for us. Let’s talk about the brainwaves that hypnosis uses. Here is an overview:

Beta: you are awake, thinking, analysing, and a lot of times overthinking

Alpha: you are daydreaming, reading a book, watching a book or just concentrating on something fully, everything around you fades into the background, you are more creative, already a light form of hypnosis

Theta: what we use in hypnosis, this is where our subconscious mind is, our emotions, habits, beliefs, automatic body functions… you are deeply relaxed

Delta: you are asleep

You are moving through these brainwaves everyday. You are sleeping, you are in delta, and when you start to wake up, you move through theta, alpa until you reach beta and you are fully awake. As you can see there is nothing weird about hypnosis. It’s just a natural state that we can learn to enter whenever we need it. Not just when we go to bed.

It gives us something we all need and that is RELAXATION.

When we are relaxed we can make better choices for ourselves. We are able to handle a lot of things better. We are becoming aware of our body, and of what we need. Everything is getting easier when we are coming from a state of relaxation.

Hypnosis is similar to meditation. For me it’s just deeper, more relaxing and more specific and efficient.

The more often you practice hypnosis the deeper you can go. It’s like training a muscle. And the more often you experience this deep relaxation, the more it creates a deep grounding feeling inside yourself. Which helps you move through your life with more awareness, balance, trust and acceptance.

We all deserve a life that feels good! Since I had my first hypnosis session my life has changed in ways I would have never imagined. I’ve become so aware of myself, how I think, how I behave, how I react to things and people. I was able to let go of so many fears, my shyness. I started to make choices that are good for me. I created my own business. I did things that everyone told me I can’t. I created a life that I am proud of.

So what can hypnotherapy help you with?

And the list goes on. There are so many possibilities. We can reprogram our brain. We are creating a grounding feeling inside of us the more often we do hypnosis. It helps us move through life more relaxed. That way we can better handle stressful situation. Since life will always throw lessons at us. But what’s important is that we learn how to handle those situation. Since we enter our subconscious mind in hypnosis we can resolve anything we want. If it is just for stop smoking, or just becoming more relaxed or going deeper and resolving some childhood traumas. Or even when you see yourself running into the same situations or people over and over again. There is a lesson to learn and in hypnosis we can find out where it is coming from and we can resolve it. 

I always say just go in and ask. Your subconscious mind holds the answers for you when you are ready. It’s such an amazing journey. My mission is to bring more awareness and balance into this world. And everyone deserves to be part of this and experience it.


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