Deep Inner Healing

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It’s all about the choices we make in our lives. We can choose that chocolate bar over the apple. We can react or respond. We can choose to stay in bed or get out and do our workout. The key is to connect to ourselves again. To connect to our body, but also to our inner voice. To learn to listen again. 

All is already within. Let me find that joy in you and get it out in the world. Build a foundation that helps you make better choices. Let go of pain, let go of suffering. Thrive again in your life and learn to ride the wave of your life. Learn to become more aware, let old beliefs and habits go. You can choose. 

Learn to Listen to Your Body.

Connect to Your Inner Self.

Find That Joy In You.


Welcome Package

You will receive a little welcoming package from me with lots of little goodies, which will support you during this journey and beyond. It’ll be on your way to you once once you have signed up.

2 Hour Analysis Session

This will be our first session together, where we will analyze your goals, needs and customize your coaching package for you. So you get exactly what you need.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions to integrate all you are learning. A place to process and let all things come out so you can release them and move forward.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Our unconscious mind holds our beliefs, habits, memories and everything that is holding us back to become our best self. That’s why we will spend some time getting to the root of these. What our conscious mind thinks is often not what our subconscious mind has stored as a belief. To make lasting change we need to go to the root cause.

Personal Workout Session

You’ll receive personal workout sessions with me to get you moving. In order to release our old patterns and beliefs from our mind, we also need to release them from our body. 

Individual 12 Month Workout Plan

To get you moving not just for three month I’ll create an individual training plan for you. So you can create a habit of working out and make it part of your life. We will also make sure we find the right type of training your body needs and satisfies.

A Nutrition Plan and Advise

All is connected. To make lasting change we also need to make sure our body gets the right fuel and can support us on our journey. We’ll discover together what your body needs and you’ll get lots of advise from me to choose the right food for yourself.

Transition Service

You’ll get a 3 months transition service from me, where we will do a check in call once a month month for 30 minutes to see where you are at in your journey and where you might still need support.



3, 6 OR 12 MONTHS
  • Welcome Package
  • 2 Hour Analysis Session
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Personal Workout Sessions
  • Individual 12 Month Workout Plan
  • Individual Nutrition Plan
  • Thai Massages
  • Standby Support
  • Transition Service
  • In German and English

This is a full deep dive coaching package for those that are ready to take responsibility for their lives. We know that everything is connected. That’s why I have created this coaching package. So I can support you on every level. So you can make better choices and become the best version of yourself. 

It will go deep, but you get support from me on the physical level: I will get you moving so we can get things moving in your body and in your mind. I will support you with Thai massage to release all the old and make room for the new. (Only Available in Hamburg) You’ll get Hypnotherapy sessions with me so we can get to the root cause of your beliefs, patterns and habits and make lasting change. I will support you on the health/nutrition part. So your body can thrive, and so your mind. You will get coaching calls with me so we can further release the old, implement the new, and achieve your goals. 

Take Action

Build A Foundation

Healthier and Happier

Become Yourself

Better Food Choices


Better Sleep

Thai Massage