Work with me

Allow. Accept. Embrace.


Massage helps to connect to your body again. We can release pain, tensions and emotions that are stored in the body. So you can feel lighter and happier again. We give the body a place to relax, to feel safe and to let go. From simply releasing tensions in the shoulders, and hips, from sitting in front of a desk too long, to recovery from training, running, swimming, cycling and to deeper issues like emotional trauma. 


We do things a certain way, we think in a certain way, some things scare us, we don’t feel confident, we are lacking self-love. Does that mean it has to be like that? NO! Our habits, memories, emotions and beliefs are living in our subconscious mind. Created through experiences, external influences, beliefs that we have taken on from others. By accessing our subconscious mind through hypnosis we are going to the root cause of the issues and we can change them.


Move Your Body. Move Your Mind. You have been inactive for too long? You want to feel good again? You are looking to achieve your personal goal? But you can’t get yourself to do it? Let me give you that motivation back. We’ll create a personalized training plan together. 


It’s all about the choices we make in our lives. We can choose that chocolate bar over the apple. We can react or respond. We can choose to stay in bed or get our workout in. The key is to connect to ourselves again. To connect to our body, but also to our inner voice. To learn to listen again. You can choose.