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Customised Hypnosis Recording

Made For You

Get a hypnosis recording from me tailored to your needs. Hypnosis is a very powerful way to connect with your subconscious mind, change old beliefs, behaviours and habits and transform your life. After a call together I dive deep into an intuitive recording for you. 


Hypnosis Recordings On Demand

Listen to my hypnosis recordings whenever you want and need it. Featuring topics like relaxation, sleep, performance, self-improvement and stress & anxiety. You get access to all my recordings plus on going new content. All about healthy and your life. So you can live and feel better.


doTERRA Essential Oils

Enjoy 25% Off

Nature has so much to offer. That’s why I love supporting myself everyday with essential oils. If it is for reducing stress, improving sleep, muscle tensions, or just supporting our emotional waves… there is so much you can do with it. Again and again I am blown away how amazing these oils are. And how I can support myself and others with it. Want to try them out?


Do Your Eyes Something Good

We are sitting in front of our computer, TV, smartphones all day long. We can’t avoid it. But our eyes are exhausted and especially that blue light at night is signaling our body that it’s time to get back. So it interrupts our deep sleep. It might also cause headaches/migraines and other health issues. That’s why I use my blue blocking glasses after sunset and also some during the day.

Hydrogen Health - Water Bottle

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I am all about reducing toxins from my life. All my products are very clean to support my health and longevity. I am using this water bottle and also the shower filter from Hydrogen Health. Water is so essential for our body. But it’s not just about getting water in our body. It’s about the optimal hydration. And water is so important for our detoxification process. 

Most sustainable natural body & hair care

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We put beauty products on our skin everyday. Our skin is most vulnerable and absorbs everything we put on our skin. It doesn’t have the detoxification process than when we eat something. So it’s so important to make sure we put the purest products on our skin. With Elijah Sahil I have found exactly that. The products are easy to use and natural and clean.


Montreal B-Board- Balance Board

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Interested in a Balance Board for at home? I love this Balance Board. Such a great way to play around with at home and improve your balance. Balance is gold. These boards are made out of 100% recycled wood. They also plant one tree for every sold board.

Mark Lauren On Demand

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I love these workouts. So good for overall fitness and creating a good foundation, so you can move better and live better. My favorites are Bodyweight Training 2.0 and Bodyweight Rehab. You learn how to connect with your body again, avoiding injuries and just feeling really good. 


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Up to $2,000 off

Are you interested in becoming a Health Coach? This is where my journey started. I am so grateful that I was able to do it. It’s so important that you do something you love and you are passionate about.

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Why not creating a bit of freedom with sharing what you love

I love to share what I believe in and what can truly help us to become healthier and more joyful. If you are interested in sharing essential oils and helping people become their best version I look forward to welcoming you in my team.

Thai Massage Course

Become a Thai Massage Therapist

I am offering Basic & Professional Thai Massage courses as well as a Stretching Massage course. You’ll get a certificate directly from Thailand. If you would like to expand your services or just use the massage with loved ones join our small group courses. If you are interested send me an email for the next dates.



30-day free trial

Looking for a great platform to set up your course or content? Kajabi combines your membership area, marketing tools, checkout and more. I love having all that in one place and easy to use.


Create Your Own Community

Want to create your own community without the distraction of social media platforms? Mighty Networks lets you do just that. Let your community come together in one place. Create content so that your users get the most out of it.