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Customised Hypnosis Recording

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Experience the transformative power of hypnosis by getting a personalized recording tailored to your unique needs. With the ability to unlock deep-rooted beliefs and behaviors in the subconscious mind, it’s a powerful tool for life-changing transformation. Following a brief consultation, I’ll create an intuitive recording specifically for you, allowing you to take control of your life.


Easy Access to All My Hypnosis Recordings

My hypnosis recordings are now available to you whenever and wherever you need them. They cover a range of topics such as relaxation, sleep, performance, self-improvement, stress & anxiety and much more. You’ll have access to all of my current recordings, as well as any new releases as they become available. For a healthy and fulfilled you!


doTERRA Essential Oils

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Unlocking Nature’s Potential: I’m always amazed by the power of nature, especially when it comes to essential oils. They offer so many benefits, whether it’s reducing stress, improving sleep, easing muscle tension, or enhancing emotional wellbeing. It’s incredible how much you can do with them. Trust me, I’ve seen firsthand how essential oils can change lives – including my own.


Do Your Eyes Something Good

We’re all guilty of spending hours in front of digital screens from our computers, TVs, and smartphones. However, this exposure to blue light can cause eye strain and disrupt our sleep patterns, resulting in headaches and other health issues. To combat these problems, I use blue blocking glasses, especially after sunset, and at times during the day.

Hydrogen Health - Water Bottle

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Maintaining a healthy and long life is important to me, and that’s why I make a conscious effort to minimize toxins in my products. I exclusively use clean products, such as the water bottle and shower filter from Hydrogen Health, to ensure my well-being is supported. While it’s crucial to consume water, the quality of hydration is just as important. Optimal hydration is key and water plays a vital role in the detoxification process.

Most sustainable natural body & hair care

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Every day, we apply beauty products to our skin, which is incredibly vulnerable and absorbs everything we put on it. Unlike when we eat something, our skin lacks the detoxification process, making it even more important to use the purest products possible. That’s why I recommend Elijah Sahil’s natural and clean products, which are not only effective but also easy to use.


Montreal B-Board- Balance Board

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Looking to improve your balance and coordination? Made from 100% recycled wood, this board is perfect for at-home use and provides ample opportunity for play and development. Plus, for every board sold, a tree is planted. Balance is essential. A balanced mind. A balanced body.

Mark Lauren On Demand

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I love these workouts! They establish a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle by improving your overall fitness. My personal favorites include Bodyweight Training 2.0 and Bodyweight Prep. By connecting with your body, and aligning your body you can avoid injuries and feel fantastic.


Thai Massage Course

Become a Thai Massage Therapist

If you’re interested in expanding your service offerings or simply want to learn the art of massage, consider joining my small group courses. I offer Basic & Professional Thai Massage courses, as well as a Stretching Massage course. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate directly from Thailand. Contact me to register for the next course dates via email

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Why not creating a bit of freedom with sharing what you love

Invitation to Join My Essential Oils Team. I’m passionate about spreading the word on how to live a healthier and more joyful life. If you share this vision and are interested in joining a team that promotes essential oils as a means to achieve this, then I’d love to have you on board.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Up to $2,000 off

If you’re considering a career as a health coach, you’re in the right place – I began my own journey here as well. I feel incredibly fortunate to have taken this path, and I can’t stress enough the importance of pursuing your passions and doing what you love.